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Welcome To My Home Page

All images or written work on this site are copyrighted material of Kate Clifford. They are not to be used anywhere else without written permission.

Today is June 26 2012.  Over the next several months this site will be under construction.   For the present I invite you to view work that I have already left on this site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed doing it.  New work will be seen here within a few months, perhaps sooner.  This site will now be my collection of both art and writing.


It’s wonderful to be back.  I have missed you all!

Dear Reader;

To me writing is an expression of the blood that runs through my veins as I explore all possibilities. It is the release of imagination in a world that argues what the realities are. Join me in my love of nature and playfulness when I explore the world of children. My words, I hope, will touch your heart and bring to you the joy that I feel while living.

I truly hope you will also enjoy my written works when I dive into the extreme and darker sides of life and fantasy. May these writes chill you and bring to you a need to turn on the light.

Most importantly please enjoy and have fun with all the emotions I will bring to your mind, while you read my latest expression of life and spirituality.


Note:  This site is in the middle of a change.  Soon my art work will be seen here as well and anything else that I do that is creative.


With Love,

Kate Clifford


The Christmas Spirit
The Christmas Spirit can never be lost.
Its energy is always within our soul.
Yes, it can be misused, and abused,
But, honey, it can never be removed.

If you cannot feel the Christmas Spirit,
Blame not the many commercials on TV,
Blame not the selfish people in the stores,
Instead, look deeper into your reflection.

What is the Christmas Spirit, you ask?
It's in the heart where love stays warm.
It's in the soul where the child lives.
Honey, please take the time to believe!

Contact Me!
If you have any questions about my stories or poems I can be contacted by email. All you have to do is click below

Star Children
Oh full moon, your beauty of light is legendary.
Northern lights, your silent songs have been heard.
But do the humans know of the love you celebrate?
The colour of the lights, dance across the evening sky.
This is the night fire camp tales have spoken of.
She wore a flowing dress of glowing energy lights.
Her tears fall upon her cheeks as she stood alone.
The struggle was over and her strength was failing.
No love could she find in this world of false mystery
At last she fell upon the ground giving up the fight.
He felt her pain as he flew towards her from the sky.
His moon rays flooded the valley floor she laid on.
An explosion of love rumbled throughout the land.
The lovers embraced and the star children were born.